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The Services Your Pet Needs

All Provided With Loving Care

From our friendly and efficient support staff to our knowledgeable and caring veterinarians and technicians, every member of the DAMC team respects the importance you place on your pet's health and wellbeing and work with you to make sure your visit is a rewarding one.

In addition to our many services, we're pleased to offer:

  • Convenient day and evening appointment times
  • Drop-off services that allow you to leave your pet at the clinic for an examination if you’re unable to attend the appointment in person (you can drop your pet off any time prior to his or her appointment and pick up before the end of our business day)
  • On-demand emergency appointments during routine business hours
  • Ultrasound services for the diagnosis of cardiac and certification of breed-specific congenital disease
  • Full digital radiography system
  • Digital dental radiography
  • Canine reproductive solutions using CLONE technology through our Innovative Canine Reproduction services
  • Pet "pedicure" appointments
  • Grooming appointments that require sedation    
  • Home Again microchips
  • 24 hour access to pet records, appointment and medication requests via Petly