Preventative Care Plans FAQ
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Preventative Care Plans

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What is preventative care?

  • Your pet’s medical and nutritional needs change as they age. A Preventive Care Plan helps manage their evolving health care needs.

How will a preventative care plan benefit my pet?

  • Preventative care plans allow us to monitor vital organ function and detect problems early to help your pet live a longer happier life.

How will a preventative care plan benefit me?

  • Preventative care plans allow you to completely customize your pet’s veterinary care based on their lifestyle and your preferences. These services are divided into 12 monthly payments.

What is included in the membership?

  • Items vary according to the plan you choose. Review the plans listed below. Some benefits of membership include unlimited scheduled $40 Petly Plan Exams - for when your pet is feeling under the weather, unlimited complimentary nail trims, discounts on vaccines and more!

How do I know what plan is best for my pet?

  • Review the plans listed below so you are familiar with your options. During your pet’s annual exam the veterinarian will help you determine what plan will be most beneficial to your pet.

Why are there no vaccines shown as part of the plans?

  • Vaccines are part of our Preventative Care Plans. Since not all pets require the same vaccines we will customize each pet’s plan based on his or her lifestyle and the veterinarians recommendations during the annual exam.

If I am interested in becoming a plan member what should I bring to my appointment?

  • Be prepared with any questions you may have about the plans.
  • Feel free to print and fill out the forms below in advance of your appointment.
  • Two forms of payment are required. A bank account and routing number as your primary form and a credit card as a secondary form of payment. All of this information is stored by an independent, secured third party.

Are there any additional costs?

  • There is a one-time membership enrollment of $75 and a membership renewal of $36 each year.
Preventative Care Plan Options

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